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Stand-Up Doypack Auto Case Packer TCP-09

RSC Auto case packer for Stand-Up doypack products filled with liquid like mayonnaise and ketchup.

A small foot-print machine that erecting box case, grouping the products, drop the products into the box and seal the box with adhesive type on both sides. 

The products arrange in the box in layer by layer rotate 180 degrees from each other.

That is complete secondary packaging line in one machine.

Key Features

• Single line in-feed conveyor integrated to the filling machine
• Servo motorized divider

• Sealing box with adhesive type on both sides

• Wash down, stainless steel construction – IP66 electrical
• Fully guarded during operation
• Auto / manual operation
• PLC Control System
• Touch screen operating panel
• Left or right hand load construction
• Integrated into auto packaging line
• Machine according CE norm

Stand Up Pouch RSC Case Packer
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Stand-Up Doypack Packaging line

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